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Bandage to cool, compress and support the horse's leg whilst drawing heat away.

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Bandage to cool, compress and support the horse's leg whilst drawing heat away.
  • Thermogram taken at rest prior to exercise
  • After 15 minutes exercise in warm weather
  • Equi-N-icE applied after exercise for 30 Mins to the near fore limb
  • Approx. 7 C reduced limb temperature on the treated limb
  • 15 minutes after Equi-N-icE removal
  • 30 minutes after Equi-N-icE removal
    • Red = Hot : Blue = Cold
    • Bandage applied to near fore limb (front right on photos)

    A Quick, effective, safe and naturally elastic bandage to cool, compress and support the horse's leg whilst drawing heat away. Perfect for dealing with swelling, knocks, bruises and soft tissue injuries. Complies with the rules of racing.

    • One treated bandage in foil sachet.

    Each Equi-N-icE bandage comes in a re-sealable foil sachet for convenience and there is no need for any refridgeration or mixing. The treated area is cooled by about 15 degrees centigrade after 20 minutes and the cooling effect lasts for up to three hours, much longer than with more traditional cooling methods.

    Machine washable and re-usable the bandages are provided with a one-wrap Velcro strap for ease of use.

    For re-use the bandage can be topped up with 80ml of Coolant, which is available separately in 500ml or 1L bottles.

    Manufactures Details

    Equiplus the Manufacture: Manufacturers of the lauded Equi-N-Ice range of products including:

    • Cooling bandages
    • Coolant
    • Cool Air travel Boots
    • The Rapid cooler rug

    Equi-N-icE Products are based on a unique cooling system based on rapid evaporation to create a cooling balm effect.

    All Equi-N-icE products are designed to maximise effectiveness and ease of use.

    All products have undergone thorough testing and are used and endorsed by the best in the business. Whether you are into racing, eventing, hunting, whether your are an owner, a trainer, a breeder or a vet youll find that Equi-N-icE products will help you achieve your goals.

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    Material Details

    Material: Coolmax fabric (as used in human sports clothing) which wicks moisture away from the skin allowing sweat and heat to be drawn from the body.

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